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Blogging for Patriots

My husband and I are hoping the rain will hold off long enough for us to join our neighbors on the roof of our apartment building for the firework display over the rivers surrounding Manhattan.

Despite the rain threatening our celebration, I’m feeling patriotic - and thought I’d take a look to see what Uncle Sam has been adding to the blogosphere.  I was delighted to find several that I thought were engaging and informative.  Here are the official descriptions from with a bit of my own commentary added in.

Big Read Blog – National Endowment for the Arts literature director David Kipen blogs regularly about his experiences promoting the Big Read - an initiative which attempts to raise the level of interest in reading and literature in the United States by having entire communities read and discuss a single book. Gotta love it!!

Gov Gab – Gov Gab’s seven bloggers share practical, useful tips and information from the federal government to help you make life a little simpler. Sample posts cover saving gas, smart shopping, weeding out poison ivy, checking your credit report and helping your pre-teen build self-esteem. Read along each weekday and comment and share your own experiences. To promote frequent posting, this blog assigns each blogger a set day of the week to blog - and maintains two substitute bloggers for when the regular bloggers can’t meet their quota - great teamwork!!

Greenversations – The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) blog is authored by EPA employees who share their unique perspective on environmentalism and personal experiences in protecting and improving our nation’s water, land, and air.  This blog does a great job of taking a topic that could be dull and dry and making it come to life in the every day happenings of the bloggers -whether it is an author’s musings while fixing a toilet and waiting to hear about a daughter’s surgery, or  another bloggers thoughts on the environment while vacationing in Hawaii, these bloggers make you feel like they really are just having converstations or “green - versations”  with you. 

NASA Goddard CIO Blog – NASA Goddard CIO, Linda Y. Cureton, blogs about technology, leadership, and being a Chief Information Officer. This is a new blog with only a few posts - but I really enjoyed Linda Cureton’s style and subject matter - as both a woman and a technology leader. I hope that she continues to write regularly.

Peace Corps Volunteer Journals – Blogs about experiences of Peace Corps volunteers from around the globe. I’ve always wanted to be a peace corps volunteer - and these journals enable me to experience what it’s like - from the comfort of my living room.  Who knows? Perhaps I’ll be blogging one someday!!

There are a surprising number of current and archived Blogs from the US Government . I encourage you to take a look, both from what you might learn, and for ideas about how to manage your own blog.

Read about blogging platforms next.